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New Fortnite Cat Skin | How to unlock Agent Meowscles

The arrival of a new Fortnite Season — Chapter 2 Season 2, in this instance — brings with it a new Battle Pass, packed to the rafters with awesome new cosmetic items to kit out your character with. Perhaps the best of the bunch this time around is the new Fortnite cat skin, which might not take the form that initially jumps to mind. If you’re picturing a cutesy four-legged feline, then it might come as a surprise to learn that Agent Meowscles is, in fact, a properly buff dude with a tiny cat head.

We can’t think of anybody that wouldn’t want to unlock that, so we’re here with a handy guide that’ll help you to unlock the new Fortnite cat skin.

How to get the Agent Meowscles Fortnite skin

The Agent Meowscles Fortnite cat skin is included in the premium Battle Pass for Chapter 2 Season 2. The character was teased earlier this month via a strange sound file, though there was some confusion over the name (Meowscles vs. Meowsicles) and what purpose the character might serve. Now, everything has thankfully been cleared up.

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By completing in-game Challenges and earning Battle Stars, you’ll be able to rank up your Tier and eventually unlock the Fortnite Agent Meowscles skin. Depending on whether you choose Ghost or Shadow, it’s also possible to get different versions of the fresh new cat skin Fortnite item. Ghost Agent Meowscles mainly has white and light brown fur covering his chiseled pecs and abs, with blue jeans and brown leather boots covering his bottom half. Shadow Agent Meowscles, meanwhile, has all black fur and clothing accompanied by a scarred face and glowing red eyes.

Not just that, but Agent Meowscles also features a “signature move” in the exclusive Flex emote. Taking everything into account, the new Fortnite cat skin has a lot going for it and is one any dedicated fan will want to earn by leveling up their Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass.

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