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Is the Fortnite Iris Starter Pack worth it?

Chapter 2 Season 2 of Epic Games’ Fortnite is now underway, and the fresh start represents a great place for newcomers to get involved and discover what’s new alongside more long-term players. Of course, you don’t have to be a newcomer to purchase one of the Fortnite Starter Packs, but, true to their name, they can be a good first investment. With that in mind, we’re here to ask and answer one simple question: Is the Fortnite Iris Starter Pack worth it?

Is the Fortnite Iris Starter Pack worth the money?

Is the Fortnite Iris Starter Pack worth it?

Previously, the Fortnite Iris skin was thought to be a Samsung exclusive. We now know that isn’t the case, which immediately ensures that purchasing the Iris Starter Pack will prove much cheaper than investing in a shiny new Samsung mobile device.

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Still, is it worth the standard asking price? Let’s take a look at what exactly the Fortnite Iris Starter Pack includes:

Full Fortnite Iris Starter Pack contents

  • Iris Outfit (Rare)
  • Roundabout Back Bling (Rare)
  • Pop Axe Pickaxe (Rare)
  • 600 V-Bucks

The Iris skin features two alternate styles, one of which sees the character with her hood up and the other with it down. You can see both and decide on your preferred variation in this guide’s featured image, courtesy of Fortnite leaker @Lucas7yoshi. Additionally, you can catch a glimpse of the included Back Bling and Pickaxe as well.

Although pricing for the Fortnite Iris Starter Pack hasn’t yet been announced (due to its current nature as a leak), judging based on previous Starter Packs it’ll most likely set you back $5 USD. With 1,000 V-Bucks costing $10, we know that 100 V-Bucks is equivalent to $1. In that case, the $5 pack comes with $6 worth of V-Bucks (600 V-Bucks) alone, which would make the bundle great value for money on the whole.