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Apex Legends Wall Running | How to wall run

A hidden Apex Legends wall running feature has been found in EA and Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale title. Fans have been clamoring for this ever since the game launched just over a year ago now, lamenting the fact that the added layer of mobility was present in Apex Legends‘ spiritual siblings in the mainline Titanfall series. Now, through no shortage of ingenuity, professional Apex Legends player N1KOLA (Fnatic) has found a way to pull the feat off while only utilizing the standard in-game movement mechanics.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to perform a wall run using any character except Revenant in Apex Legends.

How to wall run in Apex Legends

Apex Legends wall running

Since wall-running doesn’t appear to be an intended feature, it can admittedly be a little bit tricky to pull off at first. With practice, however, mastery will come and the extra maneuverability could provide you with the upper hand when it comes to flanking, fleeing, bamboozling, and more.

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YouTuber The Gaming Merchant recently went in-depth on the mechanics of this new Apex Legends feature, with his video (below) also making for a helpful visual aid. Give it a watch in order to gauge whether or not you’re performing the trick correctly if you’re still unsure after following our text-based guide.

Apex Legends wall running step-by-step guide

  • Sprint towards the wall you’re looking to run across
  • Perform a slide and then jump onto the wall
  • Slightly turn your aim to the right or left, opposite to the direction you wish to move
    • Turn too far in either direction and it won’t work
  • The instant your character begins to mantle the wall, move in the opposite direction to that which you’re looking
  • If you want to transition from an active wall run into a wall jump, simply adjust your aim to face the direction you’re currently moving in and jump