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Fortnite Fishstick Contract Giller skin revealed in leak

Fortnite FishStick Contract Giller skin has been revealed by dataminers, with the upcoming new Fortnite 12.10 update skin appearing in all its aquatic glory. The new look for Fishstick isn’t a new style for the character, with it instead being a brand new skin that players will have to unlock.

The Contract Giller skin sees the character appearing in a black suit armed with a gun and oversized sunglasses, giving him a James Bond-esque appearance. The datamine has also revealed that the skin will have a no-glasses variant, meaning that players can still see Fishstick’s googly eyes if they want that to be the case.

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The no-glasses variant (courtesy of FireMonkey) can be viewed below:

fortnite fishstick contract giller

The skins were also shown in-action by fellow Fortnite dataminer HypeX, who revealed what the Contract Giller skin looked like in-game.

Needless to say, it’s quite jarring:

Epic Games has yet to release the full patch notes for the 12.10 update (2.61 on PS4), though the issues the developer is set to address in the new patch have already been revealed.

Downtime for the 12.10 update began earlier this morning, with the patch having now been deployed on PC. Without the patch notes, we don’t have a thorough overview of the new additions that have made their way into the update, though datamined information has suggested that Legendary and Epic variants of the once vaulted Scoped Assault Rifle have made their way into the update.

Downtime for the new update lasted roughly 90 minutes, with the patch having just been deployed today, March 3. Keep it tuned to Game Revolution for the detailed patch notes when they go live, and to find out how to grab Contract Giller in-game. Just please, for the love of god, don’t remove his sunglasses.