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Can’t Hear Footsteps in Fortnite Fix | PS4, Xbox One, PC missing footstep audio

If you’ve been met with a “can’t hear footsteps in Fortnite” problem, then you’re clearly in need of a fix. Knowing how to hear footsteps in Fortnite is one of the main keys to winning fights, as you can track the enemy through walls and surprise attack them. Unfortunately, with recent updates to the game, footstep noise has been removed. Thankfully, this is only a temporary issue that will have a fix. Read on for everything you need to know about the missing footstep noise in Fortnite

Why can’t I hear footsteps in Fortnite?

Can't Hear Footsteps in Fortnite Fix

Sometimes Fortnite updates can have a negative impact on the game, despite the many fixes and improvements that come bundled inside. Even with all of the testing that a large developer like Epic Games will carry out internally, the actual public launch can result in some unpredictable effects. With the latest Fortnite patch, players are finding that they can no longer hear footsteps.

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Thankfully, for those of you who can no longer hear enemies sneaking up on you, there is a fix in the works. The official @FortniteStatus Twitter account tweeted that the team is “investigating reports of missing footstep audio on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.” This account will provide an update once it has more information.

With the developer acknowledging that missing footstep audio in Fortnite is a problem that it is working on, that should at least mean some of the team are working on a fix.

Here’s hoping those of you who can’t hear footsteps in Fortnite will soon get your fix, as I imagine it’s super frustrating to suffer with the silence!

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