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Wayward Souls iPhone Cheats

General Tips
  • Take out the toughest enemies first in any single room.
  • Use the class-specific abilities. As useful as regular attacks can be, there will be situations where you want to blind an enemy, dodge an attack, or any other class skill.
  • Learn enemy patterns - once you know how an enemy will attack, you gain a huge advantage.
  • Run away if you need to regroup.
  • There are only four slots for potions, so if you find a fifth consider using one to replace a slot.
  • Fully explore each level if you have a decent amount of health. There will be more money, items, and potentially the forge.
  • The forge lets you upgrade equipment, so always try to find it. Not every upgrade will be suited to your playstyle though, so don't be afraid to skip it at times.
  • You gain health by reaching the next level, so if you're low on health just find the stairs.
  • If you find a statue, use it. Statues grant haste, protection, or strength boosts.
  • Destroy everything. You want to collect as many coins as possible so you can purchase upgrades for your next playthrough. In that way, the game establishes more persistence than most roguelike games.
  • Don't worry too much about collecting hats, they're purely cosmetic. They can look stylish though!




Selfless GiftBought a gift upgrade.
Gift GiverBought six gift upgrades.
Clean SweepDefeated a boss in under 20 seconds.
ComboPower attacked an enemy right after inflicting a normal attack.
NemesisDied to the same boss as four different characters.
Divine LuckWent down a floor while at critical health.
Close CallAs the Warrior, took out your shield a second before being struck.
Axe a QuestionAs the Warrior, defeated a strong enemy using only throwing axes.
Golden WarriorDefeated the gold boss as the Warrior.
Desperate LightAs the Adventurer, defeated five enemies in a row using only your lantern.
KnockoutAs the Adventurer, stunned a strong enemy four times in the same fight.
Golden AdventurerDefeated the gold boss as the Adventurer.
Scatter to the WindsAs the Mage, nullified an enemy magic projectile using the Gust ability with the starter robe.
Chaos StormAs the Mage, used four different targeted attack scrolls in four seconds on an enemy.
Golden MageDefeated the gold boss as the Mage.
Elegant SolutionAs the Rogue, defeated five enemies in a row using only dashes and backstabs.
Blunt SolutionAs the Rogue, used your starter boots to stun 3 enemies with a single kick.
Golden RogueDefeated the gold boss as the Rogue.
Seven in One StrokeAs the Spellsword, struck seven  different enemies with a single power attack charge.
Magic EaterAs the Spellsword, used a scroll to nullify three enemy spells at the same time.
Golden SpellswordDefeated the gold boss as the Spellsword.
The ThresherAs the Cultist, defeated an enemy with a stab and point-blank dagger throw in a row, twice.
Fighting DirtyAs the Cultist, blinded five enemies at a time, then defeated them all without taking damage.
Golden CultistDefeated the gold boss as the Cultist.
Hat ConnoisseurCollect a ridiculous amount of hats!