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Is there a Doom Eternal Unlimited Ammo Pistol?

Playing through Doom Eternal, blasting your way through hordes of demons ‘n that, you may find that your ammo supplies deplete rather quickly, which is why you might be one of the many asking “is there a Doom Eternal Unlimited Ammo Pistol?” In this guide, we’ll let you in on whether or not there is an unlimited ammo Pistol in Doom Eternal. Read on to discover if there is a pistol of any kind in the latest demon-slaying extravaganza.

Is there a Doom Eternal Unlimited Ammo Pistol?

Doom Eternal unlimited ammo pistol

While you could always fall back on the unlimited ammo Pistol in 2016’s Doom reboot, you aren’t quite so lucky in Doom Eternal. There is no Doom Eternal unlimited ammo Pistol. There is no pistol in the game full-stop. This means that you don’t have the unlimited ammo Pistol of yesteryear to fall back on when your Shotgun runs out of shells. Your ammo is more sacred than ever in Doom Eternal.

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The lack of a Pistol is a bit disappointing, especially given all those times we fell back to using the unlimited ammo Pistol in the last Doom game. Back then, you felt as though you could rip and tear through your ammo more than you can in Doom Eternal. At times, the unlimited ammo pistol was a godsend. Oh well, that was then and this is now.

You’ll need to be more conservative with your ammo in Doom Eternal thanks to the lack of a Pistol. There are ways of ensuring you collect as much ammo as you can, however. We’ve got a whole different guide on how to get more ammo in the game, so it’s best to check that one out for more information. For now, just know that without a Doom Eternal unlimited ammo Pistol, you will have to try not to rip and tear your way through your Shotgun shells, Rocket Launcher rockets, and other ammunition quite so quickly.