Box art - Doom Eternal

Where to buy Doom Eternal Animal Crossing shirts

Are you wondering where to buy Doom Eternal Animal Crossing shirts? A strange crossover has been taking place between the Doom and Animal Crossing fanbases because of their upcoming games’ shared release date, and now some clever creators have cooked up some pretty funny crossover merch.

Get Your Doom Eternal Animal Crossing Shirts While You Can

There are a bunch of varying designs available, but most of them focus on logos or slogans from either Doom Eternal or Animal Crossing. More shirts are likely to emerge as time goes on and people play both games, but there’s a pretty decent selection already available!

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Here’s where you can get your Doom Eternal Animal Crossing shirts:

Animal Crossing logo in Doom Eternal style

Doom Eternal Animal Crossing shirts AC1

This particular t-shirt features the Animal Crossing: New Horizons logo in the style of the Doom Eternal logo. It looks pretty badass!

Alternate Animal Crossing logo in Doom Eternal style

Doom Eternal Animal Crossing shirts AC2

Much like the above shirt, this mocks up the Animal Crossing logo in Doom style with an alternate design.

Doom Eternal logo in Animal Crossing style

Doom Eternal Animal Crossing shirts DE

This is probably one of the funniest shirts available. There’s just something so wonderfully weird about the Doom Eternal logo changed up to look like the one for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Rip and Tear in Animal Crossing style

Doom Eternal Animal Crossing shirts DE

“Rip and Tear” is a classic Doom meme about the insane levels of carnage you can inflict on demons in the game. This shirt takes that phrase and presents it in the same font as Animal Crossing in a beautifully strange fashion.