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Doom Eternal Unpacking Fix | Why is it taking so long?

Following a lengthy delay, Bethesda and id Software’s Doom Eternal is finally out and has definitely been worth the wait. While PS4 and Xbox One players are having no issues jumping straight into gameplay, Doom Eternal PC players aren’t quite so fortunate. During the installation process, a delay with the Doom Eternal unpacking process is causing upheaval.

Is there a way to fix the Doom unpacking PC problem? Stick with this guide for everything you need to know.

How to fix the Doom Eternal unpacking issue on PC

Doom Eternal unpacking

Multiple threads are cropping up online reporting that Doom Eternal is taking forever to get past the unpacking phase of installation on Steam. The estimated wait times are proving to be wildly different, with everything from a tame 40 minutes to the insane timeframe of more than a year! Even the former estimate is all too long, so, thankfully, there is an incredibly easy method that’s been reported to fix the Doom Eternal unpacking glitch.

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How to speed up Doom Eternal unpacking

  • Open up Steam.
  • Hover over the “Library” tab, then click “Downloads” at the bottom of the dropdown menu.
  • Click “Pause” near the top right corner of the screen.
  • Once the button updates to read “Resume,” click it again.

In essence, this quick process should serve to refresh the download and solve the Doom Eternal unpacking delay in the process.

If you find that the estimated time hasn’t been reduced by much, unfortunately, you’ll just need to wait for the process to finish naturally. Luckily it is just a delay and the Doom Eternal unpacking process should successfully complete given the appropriate time to do so — those who’ve waited it out also tend to report that the delay was shorter than expected, which is good news.

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