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Animal Crossing: New Horizons ‘Wuh-oh! Looks like we’re getting interference’ error fix

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons “Wuh-oh! Looks like we’re getting interference” error can make for a frustrating time when trying to visit the islands of other players. Despite finding another island, dodo Orville tells you that there’s a connection problem, mentioning something about putting the NookPhone in Airplane Mode. Here’s what you need to know on how to fix this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Dodo Code error.

How to fix Animal Crossing: New Horizons ‘Wuh-oh! Looks like we’re getting interference’ error

Animal Crossing New Horizons Wuh-oh! Looks Like we're getting interference

At the time of writing, we’re currently enjoying the first week of release for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. As you might imagine, this means a lot of players are building up their islands and trying to visit the islands of others. Unfortunately, this seems to have led to some issues.

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While using a Dodo Code to invite a few friends seems to work fine, it’s when you open your island up to anyone and everyone that the issues tend to start. Dodo Codes shared publicly can receive a lot of attention all at once, with multiple players trying to gain access.

During launch week, while the player count is likely at its highest point, we’d suggest trying to be patient with the game. However, if you really want to experience multiplayer through Dodo Code, read on for some troubleshooting tips.

  • Try using the same Dodo Code again.
    • After saying “Wuh-oh! Looks like we’re getting interference,” Orville allows the player to try searching again. This can sometimes solve the problem.
  • Ask the user to reset their Dodo Code.
    • If you’re friends with the user who is sharing a Dodo Code, ask if they can close their gates and generate a new Dodo Code.  This one may work.
  • Abandon that island.
    • If you’re just searching forums for Dodo Codes and find one that just won’t work, no matter what you try, simply move on to another suggestion.

Here’s hoping the multiplayer aspects of Animal Crossing: New Horizons begins to stabilize sooner, rather than later, with updates from Nintendo and a general reduction in server load as time goes on.

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