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Fortnite 2.63 Update Patch Notes (12.21) | March 24 Today

The Fortnite 2.63 update patch notes (12.21) are now rolling out, with the patch being deployed to PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android systems today, March 24. The new Fortnite update is launching 2-3 hours earlier than normal, though it’s not clear why. If the new Fortnite patch doesn’t automatically download and install for you, try using your platform’s “Check for update” function, which can sometimes force the update to install.

Fortnite 2.63 Update Patch Notes

Fortnite 2.63 Update Patch Notes

As hinted at by the XX.X1 numbering, the Fortnite 12.21 update (2.63) is significantly smaller than most patches. Weighing in at just 363 MB on PC, this update should download and install quickly (though the copying may take an extra moment on PS4).

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While a small patch size doesn’t necessarily mean a small number of changes, that does appear to be the case with 2.63. The only noteworthy change discovered by dataminers FortTory and Lucas7yoshi is the addition of the Awaken Oro challenges.

Fortnite Awaken Oro Challenges

  • Assist teammates with Eliminations.
  • Play a game with a friend.
  • Deal damage to opponents.
  • Collect medals.
  • Complete ALL CHALLENGES to earn the reward item.
  • Complete ANY 2 CHALLENGES to earn the reward item.

Lucas7yoshi further confirmed that there have been no cosmetics added with this update and vending machines have not been enabled, despite rumors that they would be.

And here are the vague-as-usual PS4 “Update History” patch notes, which don’t give much away:

Fortnite 12.21 Patch Notes via PS4

  • Version 2.63
    • 12.21 Release – Stability fixes to improve Fortnite.

It’s unclear why exactly this patch was rolled out earlier than normal. Perhaps we’ll see the Awaken Oro challenges become active later today.

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