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Resident Evil 3 Remake Safe Not Opening Fix | How to enter codes

So you’ve found what you think is a correct code for a safe, but it’s just not unlocking. For some reason, you’re facing a Resident Evil 3 remake safe not opening situation, and it sucks. You just want to put in the combination and get the reward you deserve. Look, I get it, I’ve been there myself and can help. Here’s how to enter safe codes on RE3 remake.

How to unlock safes in Resident Evil 3 remake

Resident Evil 3 Remake Safe Not Opening Fix

To unlock safes in Resident Evil 3 remake, you need to input the entire code before hitting “X” or “A.” That means rotating the dial to the three correct numbers (in the right direction, clockwise or anticlockwise), before then hitting “X” or “A.” If the code has been entered correctly, the safe door will open.

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The most common error players face when trying to open a safe is entering one number at a time. Inputting one number and hitting “X” or “A,” then inputting another number and hitting “X” or “A,” before going to the final digit and hitting “X” or “A” one last time will result in a still-locked safe. You need to enter all three numbers, with the correct direction of rotation and with no mistakes, to see the door swing open.

This information might be obvious to those who have operated a safe or lock with a dial in the past, or played through the Resident Evil 2 remake recently, but for others it might seem like the safes are broken, refusing to open despite the correct code.

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