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Is there a Resident Evil 3 remake New Game Plus?

There’s no getting around it; Resident Evil 3 remake is a short game. This is presumably why we’ve seen so many of you asking whether there is a Resident Evil 3 remake New Game Plus or not. In this guide, we’ll let you in on the answer to “Is there a New Game Plus in Resident Evil 3 remake?” Read on to discover if you can play on with a New Game Plus in the latest Resident Evil remake or not.

Is there a Resident Evil 3 remake New Game Plus?

Resident Evil 3 remake New Game Plus

If you were planning on playing through Resident Evil 3 remake again with your collected weapons, items, and upgrades thanks to a New Game Plus mode, you might want to think of something else to do. As far as we can tell, there is no Resident Evil 3 remake New Game Plus. Despite this disappointing news, however, you can easily replay the game as many times as you’d like, with new items and at different difficulties, too.

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Although there is no New Game Plus option in Resident Evil 3 remake, you can replay through the short game as often as you like. There are five different difficulty options to play through. You can begin on Assisted (easiest difficulty) if you wish, and work your way up all the way to Inferno. Upon starting the game, you can play in Assisted, Standard, and Hardcore. Complete the game in Hardcore and you should unlock Nightmare difficulty. Complete the game in Nightmare and you should unlock Inferno difficulty.

Thanks to the Shop you unlock upon completing the game for the first time, too, you can unlock new items to play with in future replays. This includes, but is not limited to infinite ammo weapons, the Lock Pick, and Bolt Cutters. You can replay, too, to complete the challenges that unlock Points that are needed to buy items from the Shop. To add more to replayability, too, you can always replay to earn better ratings. You want that S+ rank, don’t you?