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Resident Evil 3 Remake Cut Locations | Is the Clock Tower, park, and Dead Factory in the game?

Fans are wondering if some of the iconic locations in Resident Evil 3 remake have been cut. Of particular concern is whether the Clock Tower, park, and Dead Factory are in RE3 remake, or if they’ve been removed in favor of new content. Well, the answer is a bit more complicated than a simple “yes” or “no.”

We’ll go into detail on what locations have been cut or altered in Resident Evil 3 remake below.

Resident Evil 3 remake cut locations | Clock Tower

OG RE3 Clock Tower vs RE3 Remake Clock Tower

Maybe the most iconic location that was largely cut in RE3 remake was the Clock Tower. In the original game, Jill and Carlos end up at the Clock Tower after the tram crashes. Inside, you solve a few puzzles, fight Nemesis, and Jill gets infected with the T-Virus. Afterward, Carlos secures Jill in the chapel and heads to the hospital to find a vaccine.

In Resident Evil 3 remake, the Clock Tower section is heavily abridged. You do get to see the tower, and you even get to fight Nemesis near it. After the fight, Nemesis infects Jill, but instead of taking her inside the chapel, Carlos secures her in the hospital’s sickroom adjacent to the lobby.

You never get to see the inside of the clock tower in Resident Evil 3 remake. Outside of the boss fight, the location doesn’t play any part in the plot. That means the puzzles inside have been cut, as have the spider enemies.

Resident Evil 3 remake cut locations | Park

OG RE3 Park vs RE3 Remake Park

Raccoon Park has also been heavily abridged in Resident Evil 3 remake. In the original, you would head here after curing Jill, and it served as a passage to the Dead Factory. It wasn’t a huge location, but it was a fun change of scenery. It was also the location where Nikolai’s true motives are revealed, and where the boss fight against the Grave Digger takes place.

Unfortunately, in RE3 remake, the park has been shortened considerably. It serves as a connector between the underground area where the subway crashes and the Clock Tower. It’s a very small area with no puzzles, no enemies, and only a few items to pick up. It’s also missing the Grave Digger boss fight as that enemy has been cut from the game entirely.

Resident Evil 3 remake cut locations | Dead Factory

OG RE3 Dead Factory vs RE3 remake NEST 2


The Dead Factory was the conclusion of the original Resident Evil 3. This location was a disposal facility for failed Umbrella test subjects that was disguised as an abandoned warehouse. As such, it was a blend of rusted industry and laboratory-grade equipment. During his scheme to escape from Umbrella, Dr. Birkin overwhelmed the facility’s ability to process biological waste, and it was one of the first locations in Raccoon City to succumb to the T-Virus infection.

The last fights with Nemesis, as well as the final escape from Raccoon City, took place at the Dead Factory. It also contained the dreaded water sample puzzles, which confused many a player.

The final parts of Resident Evil 3 remake don’t take place in the Dead Factory. Instead, you go from the hospital straight to the NEST 2, a supplemental lab underneath Raccoon City that focused on vaccines and other anti-BOW solutions. It’s here that Jill synthesizes another vial of T-Vaccine, which she hopes to use to stop the Raccoon City incident.

Unfortunately, the only thing that remains of the Dead Factory is the arena you fight the third form of Nemesis in. This arena isn’t drawn directly from the original RE3 but features the rusty, industrial feel of the Dead Factory.