Oculus Quest Multiple Users | Can you add another account?

With Facebook’s wireless virtual reality headset finally starting to restock following the holiday rush, lots of people are currently picking up Oculus Quest VR headsets for the first time. VR is perhaps an experience best shared with family and friends, especially considering Quest’s pick-up-and-play nature perfectly lends itself to doing so. If you make a convert that wants to create their own account, build a library of games, and have their own saved data is it possible to do so while sharing one handset? We’ve got everything you need to know in this Oculus Quest multiple users guide.

Oculus Quest Multiple Users | Can you add additional accounts?

Oculus Quest multiple users

Although Oculus Quest is a great VR platform for sharing with others, unfortunately, you’ll have to do so with everybody playing under the same Oculus account. This means that multiple players can not create their own Oculus Avatars, always have their own saved data, and build their own library of games unless they purchase an Oculus Quest headset of their own.

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Can you make a second Oculus Quest account?

  • Only one Oculus account can be assigned to each Oculus Quest headset.
  • While you can’t create a second Oculus Quest account, the same account can be used by multiple people.

Although this might be disappointing news, many VR games do support multiple save slots. This means that several players can enjoy a game while maintaining separate states of progress, where it’s supported. Quest favourites like Beat Sabre and Pistol Whip don’t feature traditional progression, so you don’t need to worry about the effects of sharing a Quest headset when it comes to those — unless you’re very particular about holding all of the local high scores, that is.

So, it is possible to share VR experiences with others, just not across multiple Oculus Quest user accounts on the same head-mounted display (HMD).