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Valorant Loot Boxes | Are there microtransactions?

With the game finally in the hands of a lucky few closed beta players, people want to know if there are Valorant loot boxes or not. In this guide, we’ll let you in on the answer to “are there loot boxes in Valorant?” As the game looks to share many similarities with other games in the squad-based shooter genre, it’s fair enough why you might be worried about potential loot box integration. Read on to discover what the Valorant microtransactions are.

Valorant Loot Boxes | Are there microtransactions?

Valorant loot boxes

There are no Valorant loot boxes. Given how many people see loot boxes as a form of gambling in many games, it’s probably a good thing that there are no loot boxes in Valorant. While there are no loot boxes in the game, there are plenty of other things you can spend some money on in the free-to-play game. Don’t worry, you can still buy cosmetic items to spruce your character up.

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Instead of pushing loot boxes on you, Valorant microtransactions, instead, will focus on cosmetic items. You’ll be able to buy sprays and weapon skins, at least. These will add a bit more color, variation, and individuality to your Valorant experience, at a cost. Unfortunately, we don’t know what the pricing model looks like as of writing. It’s unclear exactly how much a weapon skin will set you back, for example.

We know for certain, however, that character skins are not in the game at launch. Speaking to Polygon, the game’s executive producer, Anna Donlon, explained that character skins could negatively impact the strict competitive nature of the game. Donlon adds that character skins “would have to be in a way that there’s absolutely nothing to impact the gameplay,” explaining that “there’s a way to do that.” These are things that the developer is “interested in exploring.”

You can also purchase the Valorant Battle Pass. Each of the sprays and weapon skins available can be unlocked via the Battle Pass, or purchased separately. Again, we don’t know for sure how much the Battle Pass or individual cosmetic items will cost.