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How do I make an Animal Crossing diagonal bridge?

How do I make an Animal Crossing diagonal bridge? You may have seen diagonal bridges in one of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons trailers, but it’s not as easy as it looks. It doesn’t help that bridges are very expensive and that you typically won’t unlock terraforming until you’ve played the game for a couple of weeks. We can show you what you need to do!

Your first step in making a diagonal bridge is to unlock terraforming. That’s basically part of the endgame that you’ll unlock after completing some important tasks. From there, you’ll need to unlock the waterscaping permit at the Nook Stop and get one of the bridges from Tom Nook at the Construction Counter in Resident Services.

How to make an Animal Crossing diagonal bridge (with pictures)

Making a diagonal bridge isn’t all that difficult as long as you know what to do. Remember, you’ll need the waterscaping permit and you’ll need to have a bridge in your inventory!

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Here’s what you need to do, step by step:

1. Dig a diagonal river.

How do I make an Animal Crossing diagonal bridge zig-zag

Your first step will be to dig a diagonal river. Each “line” should be four spaces across in total.

The diagonal river can be as long as you need, but you’ll need about 4 diagonal spaces in order to place the bridge. (You can see what that looks like in the pictures below.)

2. Smooth out the edges.

How do I make an Animal Crossing diagonal bridge smoothing

Now that you have your river all dug out, you’ll want to smooth it out.

See the pointy pieces of land? You’ll want to hit those with your shovel. That will make smoother edges that look nicer.

3. Place your bridge.

How do I make an Animal Crossing diagonal bridge building

If you did things right, you’ll be able to place your Animal Crossing diagonal bridge over the river. If you can place it, you will see this message:

“Should I reserve this spot for a stone bridge?”

If you can’t place it, you’ll get a different message instead:

“There’s no river near here that I can place a bridge over!”

If you get the “There’s no river…” message, you messed something up. You’ll probably need to adjust the size of your diagonal river, or there may be something in the way.

Do I have to smooth out the edges?

How do I make an Animal Crossing diagonal bridge smoothing needed

If you like that pixel aesthetic, you might be wondering if you have to smooth out the river. The answer, in short, is yes.

If you look at the above image, I tried to place a bridge with jagged diagonal rivers of two different sizes. I was unable to place a bridge in either case. If you’re keen on having an Animal Crossing diagonal bridge, you’re going to have to smooth out the edges. (Thankfully, you can still mess around with the rest of the river outside of the bridge.)