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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Difficulty Choice | Classic, Easy, or Normal?

Upon booting up Final Fantasy 7 Remake, players get to make a choice between three difficulty settings. In addition to the more usual Easy and Normal difficulties, there is also the Classic option. It can be tricky to tell which difficulty is the best. Here’s what you need to know about the FF7 Remake difficulty choice.

Which difficulty should I choose in Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Difficulty Choice

Choosing between Classic, Easy, or Normal ultimately comes down to what you want from the game and your experience level with RPGs in general. Each choice makes a difference to the combat while keeping the story the same, meaning everyone can enjoy the same great plotline.

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Here are the different difficulty options along with our recommendations:

All Final Fantasy 7 Remake Difficulty Options

  • Classic
    • This is intended for those who prefer the “old school” turn-based combat, where players can take their time in choosing which moves to perform. Characters will still perform basic attacks and defend, but it’s up to the player to use up the ATB bar with special moves.
    • The Classic difficulty also uses the Easy difficulty’s enemy health and player strength multipliers, making it a very simple experience that will be good for those who are just here for the story.
  • Easy
    • The Easy difficulty embraces the revamped Final Fantasy 7 Remake combat, meaning you’ll have to think on your feet to quickly respond to enemy moves and conditions. Thankfully, battles should still be relatively simple, with enemies generally much weaker than on harder difficulties.
    • Easy is recommended for those who are new to JRPGS and/or those who don’t want to deal with the stress of strong enemies and complex combat systems.
  • Normal
    • Normal is the recommended difficulty for those who want to experience the game as the developers intended. Enemies will pose a challenge, without being overwhelming.
  • Hard
    • Hard is unlocked after the game has been completed once. As you might imagine, it’s intended for those who have bested Normal and what to try their hand at battling tougher opponents.
    • Trophy hunters will also need to master Hard difficulty to earn the Platinum Trophy!

If you think you’ve made the wrong choice, don’t worry, as you can change at any time in the Settings menu.

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