Box art - Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI iPhone Cheats


"Fast Friends, Kupo!" - Awarded after recruiting Mog (WoR).

"Fun to Save, Fun to Use" - Accumulate over 1 million gil (must have 1,000,000 on hand at one time to receive).

"Hang on, Old Man!" - Recruit every character (WoR; Includes Gogo and Umaro).

A Chance in a Pinch - Witness every character's Desperation Attack (Note: Gau and Umaro do not have Desperation Attacks).

Balance is Restored - Defeat the Final Boss.

Bone Carver - Recruit Umaro

Congratulations! - Defeat Omega Weapon after the Soul Shrine.

Customer Appreciation - Open the game after downloading.

Enough Already! - Awarded after the final battle with Ultros.

Final Fantasy VI Master - Unlock all Achievements.

Gateway to the Top 10 - Earn 10 wins in the Dragon's Neck Coliseum.

In the belly of the beast - Awarded after recruiting Gogo.

King of the Beasts: - Acquire all of Gau's Rages on the Veldt.

Master of Dragons - Complete the Dragon's Den.

Masterful Mastership: - Learn all of Sabin's Blitz Attacks

Mech Mania - Acquire all of Edgar's Tools

More than King: - Awarded after completing the Phoenix Cave (WoR).

Portrait Time! - Received after completing Owzer's Mansion.

Quintessential Adventurer - Open 80% of the game's treasure chests.

Sword Master - Learn all of Cyan's Bushido Attacks

Terra's Truth - Received after finding Terra in Zozo (WoB).

Testament - Complete the Soul Shrine.

The Road to Esper World: - Acquire all of the Magicite in the game.

Wandering Gambler - Successfully perform every Slot attack.

Washed up on Solidary Island - Complete the World of Balance