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Did Alex survive Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? | Did Ghost die?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s multiplayer has fed into the narrative in a way that no other entry has. It is seemingly continuing the story and bringing in characters like Ghost and Alex. But didn’t those characters die? How did Alex survive in Modern Warfare? And for that matter, how did Ghost survive as well?

How did Alex survive in Modern Warfare?

Did Alex survive Modern Warfare? | Did Ghost die?

This is quite a question. If you recall the end of Modern Warfare‘s campaign, Alex (who you can unlock as a playable operator) seemingly sacrificed himself to manually set off the bombs. This explosion likely would have killed most people.

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But it obviously didn’t, and the game even recognizes this. When Ghost says “Alex, [I] thought you were dead,” he simply replies with “Still standing.” Essentially, the game hand waves away his noble “sacrifice” and just says that he got out without going into too much detail about exactly how he survived. He is, however, missing a leg and using a prosthetic one. Perhaps he will go into detail in a future Modern Warfare game.

He might have faked his death to start anew as he abandoned the CIA by joining Farah’s forces in the campaign. The multiplayer now has him under the Warcom faction, which is a global faction that fights terrorism. In the Season 2 trailer, Ghost asked Captain Price to send in fighters that he could trust, and Alex showed up to help Ghost in the Season 3 trailer, showing that Price and Alex are still in contact in some way. It also hints that Ghost and Alex know each other since Alex calls Ghost by his real name, Simon. And Ghost knows who Alex is by looking at him.

How did Ghost survive in Modern Warfare?

Did Alex survive Modern Warfare? | Did Ghost die?

This question is a little more simple. Ghost wasn’t in the main campaign of 2019’s Modern Warfare. He was briefly teased at the end via a file from Price and only showed up in the flesh in the Season 2 trailer for multiplayer.

You may have thought that he died and he did, but not in this timeline. The recent remaster might have refreshed your memory as Ghost was burned to death in 2009’s Modern Warfare 2. But those original three Modern Warfare games aren’t canon in this new era. Infinity Ward rebooted the series with the 2019 game, taking some of the same people and dropping them into a new universe. Since this is a reboot, this Ghost is a new Ghost and is therefore not dead.