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Will FF7 Remake Part 2 be different from the original game?

The ending to FF7 Remake certainly shook things up. While most of the game followed the original plot relatively closely, things go off the rails during the finale. Long-time fans of the original are understandably nervous about where the story will go now that Avalanche isn’t chained to fate.

Regardless of the party’s intention to alter their future, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 will likely follow the original game closely. So, if you were afraid FF7 was going to go all Kingdom Hearts and become incomprehensible, you’ll be happy to know that Cloud and company will have to tread the same path they did in the original game, at least to a certain point.

Why Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 won’t deviate (too far) from the original game

At the end of FF7 Remake, the party is pretty much at the same point that they were when they left Midgar in the original. Sure, there’s some wacky stuff going on with Zack Fair, and the gang is aware of a bit more than expected, but they’ve still got the same objectives. The party still has to track down Sephiroth, and Rufus Shinra is still trying to the same thing at odds with Avalanche.

Being stuck in the same situation is going to mean the party is going to have to follow the same route they did in the original game. As far as we know, Sephiroth is physically still chilling in the Northern Crater. So, they’ll still have to head through Kalm, into the Mythril Caves, and to Junon to cross the sea.

We can assume that the game will follow closely to the original up until the Ancient City. Sephiroth obviously has something planned for the group, and he’ll likely pull it off when they’re most vulnerable. Aerith may not die, but he may prevent her from casting Holy in an attempt to ensure Meteor gets the chance to obliterate the planet.

Regardless of any changes, don’t plan on the second part of FF7 Remake to be too different from the original. We’re still on course to visit all the iconic places throughout Gaia, and the party still has a long way to go before they can actually confront Sephiroth face-to-face.

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