What is the Crysis Remastered release date?

Crysis developer Crytek just accidentally revealed the existence of Crysis Remastered on their own website — whoops! The franchise was recently brought out of hibernation via a tease on Twitter, with speculation automatically turning to a new entry in the dormant series. Now, however, we’ve learned that a remaster of the 2007 shooter is what’s next on the cards. We know for sure it’s coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, but is there a Crysis Remastered release date?

Stick with this guide for everything you need to know about when you can get your hands on the Crysis remaster.

When is the Crysis Remastered release date?

Crysis Remastered release date

PC game Crysis shot to internet infamy by being notoriously difficult to run, spawning well-known memes and a reputation as perhaps the flagship game for showcasing the platform at its visual best. As time has passed and technology advanced, though, playing the title on lower-spec machines and even consoles has become possible. This was first evidenced by an Xbox 360 and PS3 port back in 2011, though now Crysis looks set to be making its impressive handheld debut.

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When that debut may happen is currently up in the air, as Crytek hasn’t yet announced an official Crysis Remastered release date. Being a remaster, it’s possible that the wait won’t be all that long with much of the groundwork already in place. That’s merely speculation, however, and when you consider the current state of the world delays would be understandable, if not inevitable.

Crysis Remastered promises graphical enhancements over the original game, with ray tracing support even being touted for the PC version. While no next-gen editions of the remaster have been announced at the time of writing, both PS5 and Xbox Series X will also support ray tracing technology.