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When is the Valorant open beta?

Riot Games’ competitive shooter Valorant is proving to be a hot commodity, taking PC gaming and Twitch viewership by storm. It’s currently in a limited closed beta phase, however, which means that only a select (and lucky) few are able to download and play the game. That fact begs one major question: When is the Valorant open beta?

Stick with this guide to learn everything you need to know about the current status of a Valorant open beta.

What is the Valorant open beta release date?

When is the Valorant open beta

Currently, the developers at Riot (League of Legends) haven’t announced any plans to move from closed into open beta. This might mean that there will never be a Valorant open beta and players will have to wait for the game’s full release in order to gain unrestricted access. More likely, though, is that the PC title will eventually enter open beta and there just isn’t a concrete release date yet.

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While there’s nothing official for us to share at this time, we’d speculate that a Valorant open beta will most likely be launched when the hype surrounding its closed beta dies down. The current scarcity surrounding Valorant closed beta keys is making them a hugely desirable item, inflating Twitch viewership through integrated Twitch Drop support and even seeing some players driven to purchase free redemption keys online.

Once this excitement dies down and Riot Games need to stoke the hype fires, so to speak, is when they’ll most likely open the doors to everyone by transitioning into a Valorant open beta. When this might happen is completely up in the air.

Whether a potential Valorant open beta comes around sooner or later, we’ll have plenty of coverage to keep you busy in the meantime here at GameRevolution.