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Does Valorant have MMR?

If you’re here, it’s because you want to know the answer to “does Valorant have MMR?” Thankfully, that’s exactly what we’re here to help you with. In this guide, we’ll let you in on what we know about Valorant MMR (matchmaking rating) and how the free-to-play shooter’s ranking system appears to work. Read on to discover the answer to “is there MMR in Valorant?” below.

Does Valorant have MMR?

does valorant have mmr

As far as we’re aware, it does seem likely that there is a hidden Valorant MMR system at play. Without an official word on the matter, we, unfortunately, don’t know for certain how the MMR system works in Valorant. While people can’t seem to make up their mind whether an online game is better or worse with MMR, it’s always good to know if the ranking system is in play when it comes to matchmaking and such.

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It appears as though Riot Games has yet to confirm or deny MMR in Valorant. Based on reports from players (such as this Reddit thread), however, matchmaking rating does seem to be in play behind-the-scenes when it comes to your ranking and who you play with and against. Thanks to this RiotZeigler Tweet, too, we do know for sure that there is at least skill-based matchmaking in Valorant unranked play. It’s safe to assume that it will be in ranked play, too. Valorant should make some use of MMR to determine who you play against and with.

As Valorant is currently in its beta, though, the effects of MMR are yet to truly be seen.  You may have noticed that you are getting paired with and playing against the same group of players already, however. This is likely MMR in effect. The more you win, the higher your MMR will rise, meaning that you should be playing with and against players of a similar level to yours. It appears as though the ranked system has looked to League of Legends for inspiration and should work in similar ways when it comes to MMR.

Given how Riot is typically coy on its use of MMR, it’s unlikely that it will ever be confirmed by the developers in Valorant. It seems like there is a kind of hidden MMR in play, however, seemingly working in a similar way to League of Legends.