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Are there Valorant smurf accounts?

While free-to-play games are great for everyone, they do come with an unwanted side-effect: Smurf accounts. Are there Valorant smurf accounts? In this guide, we’ll run you through whether or not there are smurf accounts in Valorant. Read on to discover what these smurfers are up to and if there is any way you can avoid playing against them or not.

Are there Valorant smurf accounts?

Valorant smurf accounts

Ranked play in online multiplayer games can be ruined somewhat by smurf accounts. This is especially true in free-to-play games. As Valorant is free-to-play, you can create as many accounts as you like to play the game. People can use smurf accounts to reset their MMR and ranking, starting again fresh. People can use smurf accounts, though, to simply troll players of lesser skill than them. Either way, it means that you may find yourself up against players who are clearly way better at the game than you. It isn’t fun. Are there Valorant smurf accounts? Yes, there will almost definitely be smurf accounts in Valorant.

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Thankfully, as Valorant is currently in beta, there are less likely to be smurf accounts. Everyone is playing from a clean slate right now and it is difficult to get a beta key, so there will be very few smurf accounts in the game as of writing if any. When the game releases this summer for everyone, however, Valorant smurf accounts numbers could be very high. People unhappy with their beta performance could simply create a new account to start afresh when the game launches properly. You could well find yourself up against players with dozens of hours already poured into the game.

Unfortunately, without any anti-smurf measures put in place by Riot Games, you can’t do anything to combat the smurfs except for getting better at the game. Riot could throw in measures to stop smurf accounts as much as possible, however. Phone numbers linked to accounts could help stop the issue, as could bans for players de-ranking. You could even have to play a certain number of unranked matches to unlock Valorant’s ranked mode. The League of Legends smurf queue could be in place in Valorant, too, which should place potential smurfs together with other smurf accounts, rather than new or low-ranked players.