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Gears Tactics Difficulty Choice | Are there Difficulty Achievements?

Choosing your difficulty setting in any game is always worth a think before you dive in, it’s the same when it comes to your Gears Tactics difficulty choice, too. In this guide, we’ll let you in on what the Gears Tactics difficulty options are and give some advice on what setting to choose. Read on, too, to discover the answer to “are there Gears Tactics difficulty achievements?” You don’t want to miss out on achievements if you don’t have to.

Gears Tactics Difficulty Choice | Which difficulty setting should I choose?

Gears Tactics Difficulty Choice

In total, there are four difficulty settings in Gears Tactics. The Gears Tactics difficulty choices are as follows:

  • Beginner
    • For players who are new to turn-based tactics or are mostly interested in the story
  • Intermediate
    • For players who like a challenge. This is the recommended difficulty for your first campaign
  • Experienced
    • For seasons turn-based tactics players who want a serious challenge
  • Insane
    • For expert players who want an unforgiving experience

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Ultimately, the Gears Tactics difficulty choice is yours. If you’re not familiar with turn-based strategy games, we’d recommend you stick with Beginner or Intermediate. If you live and breathe the tricky genre, however, go for Experienced or Insane.

Want more of a challenge? You can turn “Ironman” on. With Ironman on, you are not allowed to restart Missions or back up if you make a mistake. With Ironman turned on, every single decision you make is vital to your success, with no get-out clause.

Are there Gears Tactics difficulty achievements?

Gears Tactics Difficulty Choice

There are Gears Tactics difficulty achievements. If you’re looking to get 100% of the achievements, you’ll need to complete the game on Insane difficulty and with Ironman difficulty on, for example. The complete list of Gears Tactics difficulty achievements can be seen below:

  • Champion of Vasgar – Complete all Campaign Acts (any difficulty)
  • Hero of Vasgar – Complete all Campaign Acts on Experienced or Insane difficulty
  • Savior of Vasgar – Complete all Campaign Acts on Insane difficulty
  • I am Ironman – Complete the Campaign on any difficulty with Ironman enabled
  • Ain’t no one like me, ‘cept me! – Complete a mission on Insane difficulty with a single soldier
  • Immortal Legion – Complete the campaign on Insane difficulty without a single unit dying

Try to complete the game on an easier difficulty before jumping straight into Insane. It will take you longer to get all the achievements, but you’ll be better at the game for it and more likely to complete it on Insane difficulty a second time around.

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