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How to fix Predator: Hunting Grounds queue times

The Predator: Hunting Grounds queue times are quite vicious. The server wait times are keeping players from hunting or being hunted, as many of them are being left at the “Waiting for Players” screen while an endless circle loops. So how can you fix these matchmaking issues if at all?

How to fix Predator: Hunting Grounds queue times

How to fix Predator: Hunting Grounds queue times

There’s probably not much you can do about the Predator: Hunting Grounds queue times that will completely fix the issue. These are hopefully just launch period woes, which is something Illfonic has dealt with in the past and even with the game’s beta. You are just going to have to wait it out or try quitting and rejoining the queue, but some have even suggested turning off crossplay, which is worth a shot. The game’s 1.05 update supposedly improves these queue times so you may not need to do anything extra except be lucky.

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Illfonic is aware of the issue though. The in-game message is pretty clear: “Players are reporting long queue times. We are investigating the issue. Thank you for your patience. For latest updates, visit:” The studio also posted the same message on Twitter. The funny thing is that it is the same words from the tweet from the beta so the team already knew what to say.

Players are reporting long queue times that can reach over 20 minutes while others are reporting slightly shorter times. Regardless, it seems like this is affecting everyone. However, as we mentioned above, a commenter in that thread on the game’s site did have luck with turning off crossplay so, if you are desperate, you can try that. You can learn more about crossplay here as well as how to turn it off.

We will update this guide if a more definitive fix comes as everyone is probably going to have different results.