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Gears Tactics Reset Tokens | Can you respec characters?

Gears Tactics is out now on PC via both Steam and Windows 10, presenting the first foray into turn-based tactical gameplay for many members of the Gears of War fanbase. With this in mind, mistakes regarding the choice of unit upgrades are almost certain to be made. Is there a way to respec Gears Tactics characters to help address that, then? Stick with this guide to learn all about Gears Tactics Reset Tokens.

Can you respec in Gears Tactics?

Gears Tactics Reset Tokens

The Coalition, Splash Damage, and Xbox Game Studios elected to include a way to respec units in Gears of War Tactics. This allows players to address choices that they made when first dictating an upgrade path; if another route seems better in hindsight, you can revert back and try it without needing to restart the game. That’s all thanks to the handy Reset Token Gears Tactics item.

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How to get Gears Tactics Reset Tokens

  • Progress through the Gears Tactics campaign to earn Reset Tokens through natural progression.
  • It might be possible to get Reset Tokens in collectible Cases, so keep an eye out for those during the campaign.
  • Gears Tactics doesn’t feature multiplayer or microtransactions, so there’s no fast-track way to get hold of a Reset Token.

Reset Tokens are also a great way to experiment with different strategies in Gears Tactics. Even if you’re reasonably happy with the upgrade path taken by a unit or character, it could be both fun and enlightening to see how they can be used in a different manner. Since there’s no competitive multiplayer, the stakes are relatively low and you can experiment without any fear of straying from the meta and falling flat on your face as a result.

Gears Tactics Reset Tokens aren’t exclusive to any one unit and can be put to work wherever you see fit. The in-game description for this convoy upgrade reads as follows:

“Spending a Reset Token will refund a unit’s Skill Points.”

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