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Is there Gears Tactics co-op?

Every Gears of War game since the series’ inception has featured cooperative play. Can the same be said of strategy spin-off Gears Tactics, though? In this guide, we’ll explore whether Gears Tactics co-op is supported in the unique turn-based PC title available through Steam and Windows 10.

Does Gears Tactics have co-op?

Gears Tactics co-op

Sadly, in a franchise first, Gears of War Tactics does not feature any form of co-op. There isn’t any cooperative campaign option and no competitive co-op in the form of Arcade mode. Whether you were looking to play local co-op or online co-op, unfortunately, Gears Tactics doesn’t cater to either.

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In fact, there are no Gears Tactics multiplayer modes at all. That means no competitive bouts, but also that the flagship Horde mode isn’t included and neither are additional modes like Beast and Escape. Though you might be thinking content sounds thin on the ground as a result, the Gear Tactics campaign has been expanded to make it more substantial than usual.

Is there Gears Tactics co-op?

  • Gears Tactics does not feature co-op play.
  • Cooperative and competitive co-op (Arcade) campaigns are not supported.
  • No additional co-op modes like Horde and Escape are featured.

Although it’s disappointing not to see series staples making their return, it’s understandable that transitioning to a whole new genre means Gears Tactics had to go back to the drawing board. The developers almost certainly will have experimented with co-op, but waiting out turns might not have proven very exciting. Similarly, frenetic modes like Horde and Escape might not have transitioned well and dragged the game down.

Who knows, though; with no plans announced regarding future DLC or a potential sequel, we could see Gears Tactics co-op implemented at some point. Until then, we have plenty more on The Coalition, Splash Damage, and Xbox Game Studios’ Gears Tactics in our review.

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