Gears Tactics Corpser Boss Fight | Act 2 Boss Guide

At the end of Act 2 of Gears Tactics, you’ll have to take on the Corpser boss. This aberration will pin you down with mines and has attacks that can sweep across the arena. However, it’s not too tough if you use the right strategies, and we’ve got the info you need to beat the Corpser in Gears Tactics.

How to beat the Corpser boss in Gears Tactics

The main objective of the Corpser fight in Gears Tactics is to drop the crane on the arachnid. However, that’s easier said than done. I’ve broken the battle down into four phases, which I detail below. If you follow this strategy, you’ll take down Ukkon’s pet in no time.

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Gears Tactics Corpser Boss First Phase

Gears Tactics Corpser Boss Fight Guard Mode

During the first phase of the fight, the Corpser is going to seem like a pushover. Unlike the first boss of the game, the Brumak, the Corpser initially just sits there hiding behind its legs and takes whatever you dish out. Be aware, though, that the damage you do to the creature when it’s got its guard up doesn’t count towards its main life bar. Meaning, you’ll have to do 4000 extra damage each time it guards to force it to extend its legs. It’ll do this three times during the fight when each of its three life bars hit a quarter health remaining. It can also guard just whenever it feels like it, so be prepared to really whale on this thing before it goes down.

The creature has the following statuses that stack the fight a bit more in your favor:

  • Large Target: +60% accuracy when shooting this target.
  • Explosives Vulnerability: Receives extra damage from explosions.

The biggest worry you’ll have during the first part of the Corpser fight in Gears Tactics is closing up the E-Hole that appears shortly after the battle begins. Once you’ve taken care of that, pelt the Corpser with grenades (make sure to keep at least one grenade in reserve) and the Explosive Shot ability from your Heavy until it unfurls its legs.

Gears Tactics Corpser Boss Second Phase

Gears Tactics Corpser Boss Fight Middle Attack

When you’ve damaged the Corpser enough, it will extend its legs, and you’ll see a long, wide red attack indicator extending through the center of the arena. This is the area where the Corpser’s attack will hit on the next enemy turn. I’m pretty sure the Corpser will always attack the middle of the arena as his first move. However, aside from that, the areas it’ll attack will be random.

This might freak you out a bit, but don’t worry. If you can deplete the first third of the beast’s health bar, you can cancel its attack. If you can pull this off and keep your squad in the center of the arena, you’ll find yourself in a good position to avoid the area the Corpser will attack next. You likely won’t do enough damage in one turn to interrupt the second attack, so positioning yourself early in the fight to shift quickly to the center of the map is key to avoiding damage.

Once you deplete the Corpser’s first health bar, you’ll notice it jostles a crane hanging above it. This is going to be your ticket to killing this big damn spider.

Gears Tactics Corpser Boss Third Phase

Gears Tactics Corpser Boss Fight Double Attack

This phase starts with the Corpser targeting two areas emerging from it. For me, it was the pattern heading diagonally towards the corners of the map, leaving the center of the map as the only safe spot. If you followed directions, you should already be in an excellent position to avoid the boss’s attacks.

After the Corpser makes, his attack is where things start to get tricky. The Corpser will spawn four proximity mines in the center of the area. Fortunately, the mines will always land in a way to where none of your soldiers will be in the trigger area. An E-Hole will emerge on this same turn. As long as you held a grenade in reserve, you can collapse the hole immediately and not have to worry about it spawning more Locust.

The most significant danger on this turn is the Boomer that emerges from the E-Hole. Your best bet during this phase of the battle is to position your soldiers where the proximity mines’ trigger area is between them and the Locust. You’ll take a few enemies out because they’ll walk right through the mines trigger and detonate them, which kills two birds with one stone for you.

It should only take you one turn, two at most, to take out the Locust. Right around the time you wipe them out, the Corpser will indicate that it intends to attack. For me, it was the middle and right sections of the map. Move your squad to the safe parts of the arena and fire on the beast as you’re able.

Gears Tactics Corpser Boss Fourth Phase – Crane

Gears Tactics Corpser Boss Fight Crushed

Once you deplete the Corpser’s second life gauge, the crane will detach from the building it’s attached to, and Gabe will call out to target it. Here’s where the fight is a bit confusing.

When you target the crane, you’ll get the “Target Obstructed” message, which seems to indicate you won’t hit it. Just ignore that. Shoot the crane with everything you have, and you’ll notice the Corpser’s health bar is depleting. Once the boss is entirely out of health, the crane will fall on it and crush it.

That’s it, you’ve beaten the boss of Act 2 of Gears Tactics, and you’re ready to head into Act 3.