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Is the Animal Crossing: New Horizons duplication glitch safe to do?

A new Animal Crossing: New Horizons duplication glitch has been discovered, and with it comes concerns about getting banned or having game permanently broken. omes in handy for those of you looking to duplicate objects. Compared to the exploit that came before, the new dupe glitch is complex, requiring multiple steps to be carried out correctly. If you’re considering doing the glitch yourself, here’s your answer to “Is the Animal Crossing: New Horizons duplication glitch safe to do?”

Is it safe to do the Animal Crossing: New Horizons item duplication glitch?

Is the Animal Crossing New Horizons duplication glitch safe

As you might imagine, the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons duplication glitch comes with some risks. Firstly, it’s clearly an exploit that the developers weren’t aware of. Obviously the devs didn’t want players duplicating items and getting an unfair advantage.

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Secondly, while the previous duplication glitch worked without many reported issues, this new dupe exploit has led to players claiming that items are going missing, deleted from the world.

Imagine attempting to duplicate your prizes Shark Model, which is valued at 45,000 Bells, and instead it gets deleted and disappears forever. That would obviously suck massively.

As is always the case with these things, you should first consider the game’s terms of service to be sure that you aren’t breaking any rules. Next, you should consider your own enjoyment of the game. Will duplicating items ruin the fun for yourself? And lastly, there’s the potential game-breaking results, with items going missing or objects becoming unmovable.

The new Animal Crossing: New Horizons duplication glitch  is still relatively new and there hasn’t been much testing done. It’s possible that there are even worse effects of using this glitch.

We at GameRevolution recommend playing the game glitch-free, avoiding any exploits that could hamper your experience.

We expect Nintendo to patch the new dupe glitch with update 1.2.1, or shortly after.