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Apex Legends Loot Bunkers | Location and how to open

Since playing Season 5, you might have noticed a couple of Apex Legends Loot Bunkers. In this guide, we’ll let you in on how to open loot bunkers in Apex Legends. Read on to discover where the discovered Apex Legends loot bunker is on the King’s Canyon map, as well as how to get both in and out of it. We’ll let you in, too, on what you’ll find in the loot bunker and why it’s worth using them.

Where are the Apex Legends loot bunkers locations?

Apex Legends Loot Bunkers

As of writing, there is just the one loot bunker in King’s Canyon that we know of its location for sure. We’ve heard rumors about other bunkers, but, for now, there is only one we know for sure. You’ll find the known Apex Legends loot bunker location within the Broken Coast South region of the King’s Canyon map. By the edge of the map in this area, you’ll see the roof of a bunker (a metal vault dome roof) sticking out of the ground. Head inside to the Terminal Station F-85 loot bunker. We’ve marked its location on the map above. Unfortunately, you can only open the loot bunker from inside.

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How to open the Apex Legends loot bunker

To open a loot bunker in Apex Legends, you need to head inside. To get inside the Apex Legends Terminal Station F-85 loot bunker, you need to go in through its side. It’s best to dive into the bunker from the start of a match. Follow these steps to open the Apex Legends loot bunker (Terminal Station F-85):

  • Head to the Broken Coast South region of King’s Canyon
    • Go to the edge of the cliffs, you should see giant bones in the ocean
  • Drop onto the ledge sticking out from the side of the cliff
    • It’s safer to do this at the start of a game and dive in
  • Head to the right of the Charge Station to the end of the bunker and open the door
    • Your rare loot is just beyond the door
  • Use the keypad to open the bunker and escape

So yeah, the only way you’re getting inside the loot bunker is if either you or one of your teammates goes in from the side on the cliff-face. There will always be some good loot in there as well as a Charge Station to use. We’ll update this guide if other loot bunkers are discovered.