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Ghost of Tsushima Exploration and Combat Gameplay Video

The latest PlayStation State of Play stream has concluded, offering a fresh new look at exploration and combat in Ghost of Tsushima. One of the biggest highlights of the stream was open-world navigation, and the game’s protagonist Jin comes prepared for the task. He can call on the power of wind to find his bearings or even enlist the aid of local wildlife to discover secret areas. And he’s no slouch when it comes time to bare steel, either. Check out all the newest Ghost of Tsushima State of Play stream highlights featured below.

Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay Video | Exploration and Combat

ghost of tsushima exploration and combat video

There’s a wide open world to explore in Ghost of Tsushima. While riding through wind-swept fields and forests full of fluttering leaves, Jin will be able to uncover new areas and pay respects at shrines or memorials. When the terrain becomes tough, equipment such as the grappling hook will help Jin access hard-to-reach areas.

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When it comes to exploration, the developers at Sucker Punch stated their intention to have the island guide the player “in the most thematic and immersive way possible.” Jin will be able to navigate through the use of Guiding Wind, which can be called at any time to point him in the right direction. He can even be lead to secret areas by animals such as foxes, as seen in the video below.

Of course, there will come a time when the use of force is all but unavoidable. In this respect, players will be able to choose how to take out enemies, since Jin can employ both Samurai and Ghost play styles. As the Samurai, Jin will often fight his opponents head-on, while the Ghost deploys distractions and other fear-based tactics.

Nearby enemies are noted with an on-screen marker, and can be dispatched however the player sees fit. The Samurai is the more straightforward option, relying on perfectly timed parries and devastating melee attacks. On the other hand, the Ghost is the best option for stealth, employing tools such as smoke bombs or firecrackers to set up an ambush or an escape.

As the recent State of Play video shows, Ghost of Tsushima has a lot of different ways to approach both exploration and combat. Check out the newest gameplay video featured below, and mark your calendar for the release of Sucker Punch’s newest open-world samurai epic on July 17, 2020.