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Minecraft Dungeons crashing fix

ARPG Minecraft Dungeons is out now, though the launch product —version (Build 4142545) — is experiencing a variety of technical issues. One of the more annoying problems is that the game can crash for a couple of different reasons, which we’ve outlined here to provide the Minecraft Dungeons crashing fix that you need.

How to fix the Minecraft Dungeons crashing glitch

Minecraft Dungeons crashing

Consulting developer Mojang’s official list of known Minecraft Dungeons issues reveals the cause of these pesky crashes. That’s super helpful, as once you know the cause of a problem you can easily prevent it from happening again. Firstly, Dungeons can crash when a second player joins a local co-op game while signed in as a guest. Secondly, crashing can occur when resuming the game from standby mode on Xbox One. Both of these scenarios are easy to avoid, as detailed below.

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If you’re looking to play Minecraft Dungeons in local co-op, then ensure that P2 is signed in to a full account. You might need to create one if the person doesn’t already have an account (or you don’t have a spare), though it’s worth taking the time to do so in order to avoid future crashes.

If you’re playing on Xbox, then be sure to close Minecraft Dungeons completely whenever you finish a play session. This way, rather than resuming the title from standby mode and causing the game to crash shortly after, you’ll perform a fresh boot each time and avoid any problems with crashing.

Minecraft Dungeons crashing fix

  • Ensure that P2 isn’t signed into a guest account for local co-op play.
  • Close Minecraft Dungeons completely whenever you’re done playing, instead of leaving it in standby.
  • After encountering a crash:
    • Close the game completely.
    • Re-launch it, then you may need to manually sign out and back into your profile in-game.

Now that you’ve implemented the Minecraft Dungeons crashing fix, you should be able to get back to adventuring uninterrupted.