Warface: Breakout Cross-Play | Can PS4 and Xbox One play together?

MY.GAMES’ Warface: Breakout is a tactical Warface spin-off out now on PS4 and Xbox One. If that sounds like something you want to play with a buddy on PlayStation while you’re on Xbox, or vice-versa, stick with us for everything you need to know on Warface: Breakout cross-platform support. Just keep scrolling to learn all about Warface: Breakout cross-play.

Is there Warface: Breakout cross-play on PS4 and Xbox One?

Warface: Breakout cross-play

Unfortunately, there isn’t any Warface: Breakout cross-play support at the moment. Gamers are stuck playing exclusively with those on the same console format, meaning that users can’t share a lobby with anyone on the opposite platform.

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Although that’s a bit of bummer, the main Warface title is scheduled to get cross-platform play very soon. Forecast to hit in Q2 2020, it’s possible that if cross-play is a hit in the original Warface it could make the jump to spin-off Warface: Breakout at a later stage. That’s not confirmed, of course, but the fact that cross-play is coming to the franchise is certainly a good indication.


With Breakout not being available for as many platforms as the original Warface — which is on Switch and PC as well — the integration of cross-play might not make as big of an impact on the multiplayer experience. There’ll obviously be fewer players to bring together, though, conversely, you could argue that makes cross-platform play even more important. With a smaller community, uniting them and ensuring there’s a healthy player base could be vital to Breakout‘s longevity.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the official Warface: Breakout Twitter for potential updates on cross-play. We’ll also keep you posted here on Game Revolution, so feel free to stick around. Until then, you’ll just have to make do with playing the tactical FPS sans the wonder of cross-play.