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How to get Grognak’s Axe in Fallout 76

Some of the best melee weapons in Fallout 76 also happen to be some of the hardest to find. Such is the case with Grognak’s Axe, a two-handed axe with offensive power equal to the ever-popular Super Sledge. However, finding Grognak’s Axe or the plan to craft one is often a matter of chance. Naturally, that drives completionists crazy. No matter why you want one, here’s how to get Grognak’s Axe in Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 | How to get Grognak’s Axe

fallout 76 how to get grognak's axe

There are several ways to get Grognak’s Axe in Fallout 76. The main method involves having the axe drop after defeating a legendary enemy. A second and perhaps easier method is by crafting it using the Plan: Replica Grognak’s Axe. It’s also possible to find the axe or its plan for sale in certain stores.

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Of these methods, finding the axe as a drop is probably the most common. There’s a chance for the axe to drop from a number of different legendary creatures, including Glowing Ones, Ghouls, and Miners. Several players have reported success finding melee weapons in Watoga Station, though as always, drops are random.

It’s also possible to craft the axe using its plan. Like the weapon itself, its plans sometimes appear as random drops. However, there is a chance to find either Grognak’s Axe or the plan for one at various stores. The axe also shows up during certain events, notably the Holiday Scorched event, in which the plans were offered through Holiday Gifts.

Unfortunately, the best ways of getting Grognak’s Axe in Fallout 76 are all random. You have around the same chance of earning it as a drop from legendary enemies as you would from finding it in a store. If you’re dead-set on getting one, and you aren’t particularly thrilled at the idea of grinding for it, it’s always worth asking around to see if any other players have one they’re willing to sell.