All Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass Legendaries list

The Isle of Armor, Nintendo’s debut Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC, is scheduled to release later this month. It’ll be followed up by The Crown Tundra, with both DLC expansions available via the Expansion Pass. These two new regions bring all-new (and returning) Legendary Pokemon to the table, so keep scrolling for a full Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass Legendaries list.

Complete Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass Legendaries list

Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass Legendaries

Legendary Pokemon are the best of the best, and the pride of any serious Pokemon Trainer’s collection. As such, it could pay to know what you’re aiming for before diving into the Sword and Shield Expansion Pass content.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra Legendary Pokemon list

Kubfu and Urshifu

Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass Legendaries Kubfu and Urshifu

This Fighting-type Wushu Pokemon can be earned in The Isle of Armor by training at the Dojo. Once you have Kubfu, you’ll be able to challenge one of the Towers of Two Fists; by tackling either the Tower of Darkness or the Tower of Waters, Kubfu will evolve into Urshifu. Defeating the Tower of Darkness will grant Urshifu Single Strike Style, whereas the Tower of Waters will grant Urshifu Rapid Strike Style.


Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass Legendaries Calyrex

Calyrex is a Psychic and Grass-type King Pokemon available in The Crown Tundra. It used to rule over all of Galar in ancient times, is immensely intelligent, and can even see into the future. That’s a pretty impressive resume!

No evolution forms are known at this time, and neither is the exact means of acquiring Calyrex. More information will likely be revealed as we approach the release of the second Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion.


Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass Legendaries Regieleki

An Electric-type Electron Pokemon, Regieleki has been fitted with special equipment to contain its unlimited supply of electricity. Signature move Thunder Cage allows Regieleki to trap opponents and deal damage over time, while also preventing them from fleeing or being swapped out in Pokemon Trainer battles.

Regieleki’s capture requirements are currently unknown.


Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass Legendaries Regidrago

The Dragon-type Dragon Orb Pokemon is said to have been created by fellow Legendary Pokemon Regigigas. Regigigas attempted to craft a Pokemon from crystallized dragon energy, though only managed to complete its head. Still, people feared Regidrago’s power so much that they locked it away in a temple.

Presumably, the player will liberate Regidrago from one of the temples seen in The Crown Tundra portion of the latest Expansion Pass trailer.

Galarian Articuno

Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass Legendaries Galarian Articuno

Classic Cruel Pokemon Articuno has experienced a change from Ice to Psychic-type. The Galarian variant has also undergone a dark change of image to match, swapping out a light blue color palate for deep purple and black. As a nod to its chilly origins, Galarian Articuno has such incredible psychic powers that it can immobilize victims as if they were frozen solid.

How players will capture the Galarian variant Articuno isn’t known at this stage. We do know, however, that it migrates to The Crown Tundra and this could indicate that Galarian Articuno will appear in the second DLC.

Galarian Moltres

Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass Legendaries Galarian Moltres

Another returning Legendary bird, much like Articuno, Galarian Moltres has adopted Dark-type features. The Malevolent Pokemon hasn’t left its Fire-type roots behind completely, however, as the signature move Fiery Wrath has a fire-like aura capable of making opponents flinch. Not only that, but its skin is said to be akin to a raging fire that prevents ordinary Pokemon from approaching.

Galarian Moltres is also a migratory Pokemon that visits The Crown Tundra every several decades, indicating that players could encounter it in Part 2 of the Expansion Pass. Anything more specific is currently unknown.

Galarian Zapdos

Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass Legendaries Galarian Zapdos

Completing the trio of regional Legendary bird variants, Galarian Zapdos hasn’t been skipping leg day. Formerly an Electric-type, the Strong Legs Pokemon is now a Fighting-type instead. Zapdos has traded yellow for orange and is said to overwhelm enemies with incredible speed and ferocious kicks. It moves so fast, in fact, that Galarian Zapdos retains some of its electrical power and can hit enemies with the Thunderous Kick signature move.

Like the other two returning Legendaries, Galarian Zapdos is said to migrate to The Crown Tundra every few decades.