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Does The Last of Us 2 have New Game+?

If you’ve already completed the game or are looking to find out what kind of post-game content there is, you’ll want to know the answer to “does The Last of Us 2 have New Game+?” Read on to find out if there is a The Last of Us 2 New Game+ mode or not. Below, we’ll let you in on whether or not is there a New Game Plus mode in The Last of Us 2.

Is there a The Last of Us 2 New Game+?

the last of us 2 new game+

Yes, there is a New Game+ mode in The Last of Us 2. Before you get to play it, of course, you’ll need to first complete the game. The post-game in The Last of Us 2 is its New Game Plus offering. Whether you’ll want to put yourself through the emotionally taxing experience again right away, however, is another story. Thankfully, upon completing the game, you’ll always have the option to start again with its New Game Plus mode. There’s no time limit here.

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As with most other New Game Plus modes, The Last of Us 2 New Game+ allows you to replay through the game again, with all upgrades and equipment you obtained during your last playthrough unlocked from the start. This means that you can play through the game with better weapons, equipment, and player upgrades equipped right off the bat. It should be a different experience with better equipment from the start, that’s for sure. Of course, you can scale the difficulty however you like to go alongside the better equipment and player upgrades if you’re after a more difficult (or easier) experience the second time around.

Whether you make use of it or not, there is a New Game Plus mode in The Last of Us 2. As always, it’s a good thing for those of us who like to play through games more than once. Now get out there and play through the game again if you want.

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