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The Last of Us 2 60FPS | Is there a high frame-rate mode?

The Last of Us 2 60FPS performance would be the dream for many players. However, on both PS4 and PS4 Pro, the game is capped at 30FPS. While it’s a very smooth experience, as far as 30FPS presentations go, there is still going to be demand for a The Last of Us Part 2 high frame-rate mode. While fans of smoother frame-rates will likely need to wait for PS5 to get official support, there is a cool trick that allows you to see what The Last of Us 2 running at 60FPS looks like. Read on for the full details.

Can you run The Last of Us 2 at 60FPS?

The Last of Us 2 60FPS

While you can’t run The Last of Us 2 at 60FPS, it is possible to see what the game would look like running at that higher frame-rate. Like with previous Naughty Dog games, this is done through the “Slow Motion” option found under Accessibility > Combat Accessibility.

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By turning Slow Motion on with the “Toggle” option, players can run the entire game at close to half speed. The gameplay is at half speed but it’s still 30FPS. If you then record this footage and speed it up in an editing program, you get close to 60FPS.

How to get The Last of Us 2 at 60FPS

  1. Set the “Slow Motion” option under Accessibility > Combat Accessibility to “Toggle.”
  2. Enable Slow Motion while in-game.
  3. Record the slowed-down footage using internal or external capture.
  4. Take the slowed-down footage and speed it up by around 1.75x in editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro.
  5. Render the footage at 60FPS.

And there you have it! The sound does get a little weird, which is expected when trying something like this, but you can still see what The Last of Us 2 would look like running at the super-smooth 60FPS.

Check out the video below to see it for yourself:

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