What does ‘S’ mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat has a ton of abbreviations and slang terms that are exclusive to the platform, and honestly, it can get confusing at times. If you received a Snap or Chat that just says “S” you’re probably wondering: “What does ‘S’ mean on Snapchat?” We’ve got you covered, so stick around for answers.

What does a Snap or Chat saying ‘S’ mean on Snapchat?

What does 'S' mean on Snapchat?

“S” stands for “streak” — on Snapchat, communicating with the same person for three consecutive days starts a streak and some users enjoy keeping these going for as long as possible. The length of an ongoing streak is denoted by the fire emoji and accompanying number next to a contact’s name. Alternatives to just “S” are “strx” and “streak,” as is a picture with an “S” drawn on it.

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The message “S/R” can also be used to keep streaks going. This abbreviation means “streaks and recents,” indicating that you’re being contacted either to extend a streak or because you’re one of the sender’s most recent contacts. Building and maintaining streaks will require a daily contribution from both sides, so general etiquette is to respond. You can do so in moments with just an “S” of your own, though whether you care to keep streaks going or not is up to you.

What does ‘S’ mean on Snapchat?

  • “S” is an abbreviation of “streak.”
  • Receiving a Chat saying “S,” “strx,” or “streak” indicates that the sender wants to maintain a streak with you.
  • Receiving a Snap with an “S” (or equivalent) drawn on it means the same thing.
  • General etiquette is to respond on the day of receipt, even if just with an “S” of your own.

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