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Fallout 76 Angler Locations | Where to find Anglers

After spending enough time in the wastes of Fallout 76, you’re likely to encounter an Angler. These monsters lurk around swamps and bog-like areas, spitting and charging at anyone who gets in their way. But, like many of the game’s beasts, they don’t always show up when or where you expect them to. Here’s where to find Anglers in Fallout 76, including specific locations where they’re known to spawn.

Where to find Anglers in Fallout 76

fallout 76 angler locations where to find anglers

Anglers in Fallout 76 can be found around The Mire, which dominates the eastern side of the in-game map. Specific locations to find Anglers include Gnarled Shallows, Dolly Sods Campground, Treehouse Village, Beckwith Farm, and the Big Maw.

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Anglers are fearsome beasts that seem to have mutated from the anglerfish. After all, both use a bioluminescent growth from their heads to attract prey. However, in the case of the Fallout 76 Angler, the creature is not confined to water — it’s able to run freely on land, and frequently charges at any potential aggressors.

The Angler is easy to spot thanks to its cold, dead-looking eyes, tremendous claws, and shell-like growths covering its head and back. The glowing dangly thing doesn’t hurt either. Approach them with caution: They’re capable of spitting balls of fire, making them dangerous at both mid to long ranges. It’s also completely immune to poison attacks and radiation damage.

Fortunately, the Angler isn’t particularly strong against physical attacks. Guns and melee weapons should be capable of taking them down quickly. However, energy weapons will be less effective, especially when it comes to higher-level variants like the Ravenous, Bloodthirsty, or Deadly Anglers.

When you need to find an Angler in Fallout 76, The Mire is the place to start looking. These ugly jerks are commonly found in groups around the Gnarled Shallows, but they also appear as far away as Treehouse Village. Stick to the bogs and you should have no trouble spotting one.