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Doom Eternal 1.05 Update Patch Notes | New Battlemode map and more

The Doom Eternal 1.05 update patch notes mark the game’s second big update. It may not be quite as large as that first update, but it still contains some valuable content for the game. It has the title’s first new Battlemode map as well as a host of quality-of-life improvements.

Doom Eternal 1.05 Update Patch Notes | New Battlemode map and enhancements

Doom Eternal 1.04 Update Patch Notes | New Battlemode map and more

This new free Battlemode map is called Torment and you can see it in the above pictures. Torment has jump pads and tight corners, but we still have yet to see what it is like in motion. Aside from the many balance changes, this is one of the first big drops for the mode, which will be free.

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You’ll also be able to have different customizable button or key bindings for each demon. Previously, the game didn’t let you have a different button layout for the Revenant and Marauder, despite how different they were. Now you can better suit your controller or keyboard to the specific demon. There will also be vague improvements to latency, which should help with lag.

Doom Eternal 1.05 Update Patch Notes | Campaign quality-of-life changes

While most of this update is focused on multiplayer, the campaign and other parts of the game have also gotten some love. Empowered Demons, which came in the last update, will now be more frequent. Colorblind options will be more extensive. The user experience for boosters will also be better, which is good because it was a little easy to ignore since it was so subtle. Players can also pin their favorite podium to the starting screen. Photo Mode also won’t bathe the Slayer in darkness as well like it used to. And the game will tell you where every cosmetic comes from now. There will also be a host of bug fixes.

Doom Eternal 1.05 Update Patch Notes | Series 4 begins soon, Hack to the Future

Doom Eternal 1.05 Update Patch Notes | Series 4 begins soon, Hack to the Future

This update also brings in Series 4, the game’s newest season. It contains a whole host of skins and cosmetics that you can earn by playing the game and completing challenges. It runs from July 2 to August 6.

There’s also a mini-event called Castle Grayscale that will run from June 25 to July 2. It has some skins and cosmetics in black and white. It’s a much smaller event than usual.

Full Doom Eternal 1.05 update patch notes

CASTLE GRAYSCALE MINI-EVENT IS NOW LIVE featuring the Black & White Pain Elemental, Mancubus, the “Old Timey Evil” GIBBO Collectibles mascot icon and so much more! For full details click here.

HACK TO THE FUTURE II EVENT COMING SOON featuring the literal blast from the past Retro Revenant Master Collection. His new podium goes from Classic, featuring some tried and true retro textures, to the ultimate display of 2D sprite flexing IDKFA podium to flaunt your love for the classics. When this baby hits 88 frames per second, you’re gonna see some serious sh*t! For full details click here.

Even More Empowered Demons will be busting into your campaign for an added challenge! These buffed baddies have more health and will take more firepower to take down, but will also yield more armor & ammo when killed. Toggle Empowered Demons ON/OFF in the Game tab of the Main Menu Options.

Note: They will no longer carry player names of fallen Slayers over their heads, only their demon names.

BATTLEMODE Latency Improvements We made a number of improvements to address latency issues in BATTLEMODE to ensure better matches. This is part of our ongoing latency improvements that we plan to support in more updates.

Boosters Menu Improvements We have made it easier than ever to both view and claim XP through several changes made to the Boosters menu. Make sure to always have three players selected at all times to maxamize the amount of free XP you can passively earn through their playing campaign and BATTLEMODE. Keep in mind you can switch which players to elect to be your active Boosters roster at any time in the Boosters menu.

Photo Mode Improvements In this Update we equipped The Slayer with a nice beefy lighting overhaul when in Photo Mode, so no more shady Slayers lurking in the shadows! If only we could all be so grossly incandescent…

Pin Your Favorite Podium and Skin to the Main Menu as a Favorite Prior to Update 2, whichever Character skin and podium set you had last viewed would auto-assign itself as the default set on display in the main menu. In response to your community feedback, we have added a new ‘Favorite’ feature for customization items so that you can set your Favorite character skin and podium as the default in the main menu.

Customization Menu Origins With so many great cosmetics being added every month, we thought it might be helpful to further flesh out the context of where each item comes from. The customization menu now shows which set each items comes from.

Custom Keybinds for Every Demon Added functionality to support unique keybinds for demons in BATTLEMODE. You asked for it, you got it!

Fixes for ALL Platforms

  • Fixed a number of exploits in the campaign that would allow the player to climb outside the maps
  • Fixed pinned Weekly Challenges. Previously, if you pinned a weekly challenge and it expired, it stayed pinned
  • Fixed a number of graphical issues in the campaign where parts of the environment would temporarily pop in and out of view
  • Fixed an issue on the Mission Select menu where secrets were not properly displaying as completed
  • Fixed an issue where the Crucible would consume more ammunition than intended in some situations
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Party Mode cheat code from activating properly
  • Fixed an issue with the Chaingun Energy Shield mod in BATTLEMODE that prevented The Slayer from taking damage from any angle while active instead of just the front
  • Fixed an issue in BATTLEMODE that cause the Carcass shield to not play sound on activation
  • Fixed an issue in BATTLEMODE where demon players wouldn’t hear the Arbalest charging in some situations
  • Fixed a rare issue in BATTLEMODE where the Marauder’s wolf summon ability would become stuck on cooldown
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when navigating the social and settings menus while the on-screen keyboard was active
  • Fixed an issue in BATTLEMODE where power up pop-up text failed to display for Russian players
  • Fixed a crash in BATTLEMODE on the post-match screen in private matches
  • Fixed an issue that would allow the Energy Shield mod to remain active permanently after being destroyed by a rocket barrage
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Archvile players from activating the Flame Wall ability in some certain situations

Fixes for PC only

  • Fixed an issue in BATTLEMODE that would cause projectiles from the Prowler, Cacodemon, Baron of Hell and Arachnotron to remain suspended in midair
  • Fixed an issue in BATTLEMODE that caused the Marauder’s dash to not play sound for other players
  • Using the Super Shotgun’s flaming Meathook on shield soldiers now correctly generates armor shards

Fixes for Xbox One only

  • Fixed a control lock that occurred when entering photo mode during a glory kill

Fixes for PS4 only

  • Fixed a rare issue that would cause the player to exit the map when rapidly melee attacking the Khan Maykr
  • Fixed an issue in BATTLEMODE that would causes damage indicators to persist on screen after respawning
  • Fixed an issue while hosting a party that could prevent the host from chatting or queuing after suspending the title

Known Issues

  • Issue: I’m not brought into a party after accepting an invitation when my game is suspended on Xbox One. Is there anything I can do about this?

Resolution: This is a known issue that will be resolved in a future update. In the interim, please avoid accepting party invites when the game is suspended on Xbox One.

  • Issue: I’m seeing connectivity and lag issues for online gameplay while using a VPN. Is there anything I can do about this?

Resolution: DOOM Eternal does not support VPN use for online gameplay.

  • Issue: I am no longer able to access Master Levels from the Fortress of DOOM after installing Update 2. Is there anything I can do about this?

Resolution: This is a known issue that we will resolve in a future update. In the interim, please access the Master Levels form the Main Menu.