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Apex Legends ‘Unknown’ Player Names Bug Fix

Ever since the Season 5 update, users have been requesting an Apex Legends “Unknown” player name bug fix. With player names usually shown before a match, detailing who your teammates are and who the Champion Squad is. However, the latest update appears to have made player names appear as “Unknown” more often, leading to some confusion within the Apex Legends community. Here’s what you need to know about a potential upcoming bug fix.

What is the Apex Legends ‘Unknown’ player name bug?

Apex Legends 'Unknown' Player Names

When starting up a round of Apex Legends, you might notice that either your teammates or the Champion Squad have “Unknown” as their name. This happens even when Streamer Mode isn’t enabled by the player, and appears to instead be a bug introduced with the Season 5 update.

While the Apex Legends “Unknown” player name bug isn’t game-breaking, it can certainly cause confusion. Some users might think the “Unknown” points towards a person cheating and somehow hiding their identity to prevent their username from being reported. Others might think the “Unknown” tag means something is wrong on their end, with the game not working properly.

Is there an Apex Legends ‘Unknown’ player name bug fix?

Apex Legends 'Unknown' Player Names

At the time of writing, the Apex Legends “Unknown” player name bug has been impacting players for over a month now. Despite this, we aren’t able to find any official acknowledgment of the issue by developer Respawn Entertainment.

However, with more and more players reporting the issue, it’s becoming more likely that the developer will take notice and implement a fix.

Although Season 6’s estimated release date of August 18 is still over a month away, it’s possible that a mid-Season patch will be rolled out to fix the problem. If you’re seeing “Unknown” players in matches, sit tight and wait for the fix that will hopefully arrive soon.