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Apex Legends Ash | Playable Titanfall 2 character incoming?

After an Ash weapon charm was discovered in Apex Legends earlier this year, further evidence is now mounting that the Titanfall 2 antagonist could be making her way to the Apex Games. Completing the Return to Skull Town Hunt, which is part of the Broken Ghost Quest, rewards players with a robotic head artifact. On closer inspection, it appears that it could belong to Ash. Stick with us for more on the potential addition of an Apex Legends Ash playable character.

Apex Legends Ash | Is the Titanfall 2 antagonist being added?

Apex Legends Ash

While Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment hasn’t commented on the rumors to make anything official, hints arguably don’t get more prominent than this. Keeping in mind that we’ve already seen an Ash weapon bauble, Apex Legends data miner @shrugtal recently took to Twitter to point out some faded writing lurking on the Return to Skull Town Hunt reward.

If you can’t make it out, the text says “ASH.” Since previous Broken Ghost rewards have also been robotic artifacts, it could be possible that players are building Ash herself. This could point towards Ash being the titular “Broken Ghost” and would make sense within Titanfall lore; since Ash was defeated by the player in Titanfall 2, it’s understandable that she’d need piecing back together.

Another leak from @Biast12 lends credence to this theory, displaying what appears to be a partially-constructed Ash character model. While it looks promising that we might see the Simulacrum Pilot and Apex Predators mercenary added as a playable Legend, she might not be joining the roster anytime soon (if at all).

There’s also speculation that Nova (F.K.A. Valk) will be the next character to be added, along with fellow Titanfall antagonist and Apex Predators stablemate Kuben Blisk. Blisk founded the Apex Games, which is the battle royale tournament at the core of Apex Legends.

Only time will tell which characters are added when, so stick around for updates. For more on possible Apex Legends and Titanfall crossovers, check out all of the details surrounding the EPG Grenade Launcher weapon leak.