How to respawn in Hyper Scape

Like it or not, you will die a lot when playing Hyper Scape, so you will want to read on to find out how to respawn in Hyper Scape. Dying is part and parcel of any online multiplayer first-person shooter and it is no different in Ubisoft’s answer to the battle royale question. Fortunately, you do have a chance to get revived, and, even in death, you can make a difference to your team. Discover below how to revive teammates in Hyper Scape.

How to respawn in Hyper Scape

how to respawn in Hyper Scape

You and your teammate will need to work together to get you to respawn once you become an Echo in Hyper Scape with a Restore Point. As an Echo, you need to be next to a Restore Point to be revived. Your teammate needs to kill an enemy to access a Restore Point. It’s a little complicated, so you’ll find the simple steps to discover how to respawn in Hyper Scape below:

  • Kill an enemy and get a Restore Point
  • Both the Echo and alive teammate stand next to the Restore Point
  • Activate the revival procedure
    • This takes some time to complete, so make sure you are not in an open area
  • As if by magic, the Echo is back in the game for real

As you can see, the revival system in Hyper Scape is somewhat similar to that of other battle royale titles. What makes it different is that the Echo can still have some impact on the game before they get respawned.

When you die in the game, you’re not really dead. You become an Echo. An Echo is invisible to other players and cannot deal any damage to anyone or open doors and such, but can scout on ahead and even ping items on the map for your teammates to find and equip. It’s not so bad being an Echo. You still play a part, but it isn’t as fun as being involved in the gunfights. When you are revived, you don’t have your equipment from before. You need to find some more. Hopefully, your teammates have planned for this and can give you a weapon or two, at least.