Box art - Mortal Shell

Are there Mortal Shell Nintendo Switch and Steam release dates?

The Mortal Shell closed beta is available to download right now on PC via the Epic Games Store (EGS). This hard-as-nails RPG has a lot of players excited, though will Switch owners and Steam devotees be able to get in on the masochistic action? Stick around to find out whether Mortal Shell Nintendo Switch and Steam versions are coming.

Is Mortal Shell coming to Nintendo Switch?

Mortal Shell Nintendo Switch

At the time of writing, developer Cold Symmetry hasn’t announced any plans to release a Mortal Shell Switch version. As a result, there’s no Mortal Shell Nintendo Switch release date to mark on your calendar.

Mortal Shell is Cold Symmetry’s first game, so it’s possible that the new studio doesn’t want to bite off more than it can chew. If that is the case, we can’t rule out the possibility of an eventual Mortal Shell Switch port further down the line. With the RPG being a Soulslike, it’s possible that it’d find success on Nintendo’s hybrid handheld. Dark Souls Remastered was well-received on Switch and even got its own Solaire of Astora Amiibo.

Where the prospect might encounter difficulties, however, is in the comparatively higher visual fidelity of Mortal Shell. The upcoming Soulslike is a real looker, so condensing the experience onto Switch would call for some significant downgrades. Still, it’s theoretically possible. We’ll keep you posted on all things Mortal Shell Switch.

Is Mortal Shell coming to Steam?

Mortal Shell Steam

Mortal Shell is confirmed to be coming to Steam for PC after a period of timed exclusivity on the Epic Games Store. The Mortal Shell Steam release date is set for 2021, with no more specific window currently known.

The EGS, PS4, and Xbox One versions of Mortal Shell are due out in Q3 2020. Epic Games exclusivity deals typically last for one year; taking that into account, we’ll most likely see Mortal Shell on Steam in Q3 2021.