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Shovel Knight Music Sheet Locations

Music Sheet Locations

Shovel Knight has one of the best soundtracks of the year, but the music also plays into the game itself. Scattered around the world are music sheets, which can be returned to the village Bard. He then gives an amusing quip, pays 500 gold, and offers to play the song at any time.

Listed below are the locations for all 46 music sheets.


1Main ThemeBard has it already.
2Steel Thy ShovelBard has it already.
3One Fateful KnightBard has it already.
4A Decisive BlowBard has it already.
5No Weapons HereBard has it already.
6PastoraleThe music sheet is on a roof on the right side of the village. Jump on the girl carrying the water buckets when she's near the house to get up there.
7The Local HappenstanceThere's a tavern in the village, and to the right of that is a cellar. The room has a few people in it including a frog man. The music sheet is hidden in the wall next to that man, just hit it with the shovel.
8Courage Under FireClimb the ladder in the Armor Outpost and drop from the left side of the airship onto a roof. Head to the right and get the music sheet on the rooftop.
9Bucklers and BonnetsOnce Treasure Knight, Mole Knight, and Plague Knight have been defeated, head back to the village. Jump in the new catapult to get thrown on top of the Armor Outpost airship. The music sheet is right there.
10Waltz of the Troupple KingGo to Troupple Pond and take out the fishing rod. Fish in the water to get the music sheet and a bunch of apples.
11Watch Me DanceAfter defeating Specter Knight, return to the tavern and speak to one of the women there. She'll do a flashy dance and give the player a music sheet.
12Spin Ye BottleTo the left of the tavern is a mini-game room. Talk to Mona to start the mini-game and score 150 or more points to obtain the music sheet.
13Fighting With All of Our MightDefeat Reize the Wandering Traveler on the world map. He will appear after defeating a few boss knights.
14Donor's DespairEnter the Hall of Champions and climb the ladder. Go to the top left room, find the hidden wall on the left, and jump over the invisible gaps on the platform to reach the music sheet.
15Backed Into a CornerClimb the main ladder and head to the bottom right room. The right wall contains a hidden area with the music sheet.
16Starlit WildsComplete Knuckler's Quarry stage (requires dust knuckles).
17The Requiem of Shield KnightComplete Frozen Flight stage (requires propeller dagger).
18The Adventure AwaitsComplete Forest of Phasing stage (requires phase locket).
19End of DaysFound in the Tower of Fate: Entrance, in the room with the moving walls (after the first checkpoint). There will be a small area next to some spikes that provides safety from the falling ceiling. Destroy the wall to the right to find the hidden music sheet.
20Strike the EarthIn the Plains stage, dig to the left of the skeleton near the spike pit that comes after the first dragon mini-boss. The secret area contains a music sheet.
21The RivalIn the Plains, there is a room with two moving platforms that go up/down and left/right. Take the left/right platform to access an area with the music sheet. Shovel drop on the bubbles to reach the sheet.
22The DefenderIn the Tower of Fate: Ascent, there's a part where you have to guide a rainbow statue across the map. Get across the bottomless pits and then lead the statue to the right wall to find the music sheet.
23The Halls of the UsurperIn Pridemoor Keep, head left from the starting area to find the music sheet and a cool little easter egg.
24The Decadent DandyAfter the second Gryphon mini-boss in Pridemoor Keep, head to the next checkpoint and dig out the left wall to find the music sheet.
25La Danse MacabreIn the Lich Yard there will be a chest below a checkpoint with the music sheet. It's next to a weighted platform, so find a skeleton skull to hit onto the platform, wait for the platform to sink, and then go retrieve the chest.
26The ApparitionAfter the second checkpoint in the Lich Yard will be a room with two shrubs to the left. Shovel drop on the first shrub twice to reach the higher one and head to the left. The music sheet in this room is guarded by a ghost, so exercise caution here.
27A Thousand Leagues BelowIn the Iron Whale, find the room where the tentacles first appear. Look for a shell in the right wall and dig it to find a hidden area. Use the bubbles to retrieve the chest, hop back on the tentacles, and then fish where the first tentacle was to get the music sheet.
28A Thousand Leagues Below (II)Pay attention to the right walls after the third checkpoint to find the hidden area. Jump on the platforms and tentacles to reach the music sheet.
29Flowers of AntimonyA room after the second checkpoint in Explodatorium contains slimes and potion throwing ravens. The ravens can destroy the raised platforms, but don't let them destroy the ones near the end. They can be used to reach the ceiling and the music sheet.
30The Vital VitriolAfter the first checkpoint in Explodatorium, destroy the rats to the right and head up. Climb the ladder to reach the music sheet.
31An Underlying ProblemFollowing the second checkpoint in Lost City are rocks that cause chain explosions. Don't hit the second set of blocks. Instead, climb them to reach an area with the music sheet. Be careful jumping on the fire fish to reach the sheet.
32The Claws of FateLost City contains a room in which lava must be turned green to safely traverse it. When you get to lava that looks like stairs, turn it green, jump off the top stair to the right and navigate through the next room to reach the music sheet.
33Of Devious MachinationsAt the second checkpoint in Clockwork Tower, jump up to the top left ladder and go into the next area. Use the mobile gear to get to the music sheet.
34The SchemerClimb up from the first checkpoint in Clockwork Tower and ignore the middle ladder. Go behind the gear-tossing enemy to get to the next area with the music sheet.
35The DestroyerAfter the third checkpoint in Clockwork Tower, go under the area where the enemy was tossing gears to reach the pink diamond. Keep going left and then up (past some gems and a sparkling pit) to get to the music sheet.
36A Cool ReceptionThere are some ice dragons in Stranded Ship after the fourth checkpoint. When you see the music sheet, shovel drop on the dragon to get some height and reach it.
37The StalwartAgain, after the fourth checkpoint in Stranded Ship look for an ice wizard to the top left. Go past him to reach a room with icy platforms. Jump across the moving platforms and retrieve the music sheet.
38High Above the LandWhen you get to the area with the wizard in Flying Machine, defeat him and jump up there. Destroy the right wall and climb the ladder. Use the propeller dagger to cross the pit and get the music sheet.
39The Spin ControllerThere's a room in Flying Machine where propellers blow air up at a ladder. You want to get to the right wall next to the propellers, but to do so you need to get some height and drop down into a secret alcove. Head right across the spike pits to reach Chester and the propeller dagger. Fly to the right and use the fishing rod in the sparkling pit to obtain the music sheet.
40The Fateful ReturnIn the Tower of Fate: Entrance, there will be a dark and rainy area. Keep an eye out for a sparkling pit while jumping across the platforms and get that fishing rod out to retrieve the music sheet.
41The Inner StruggleAfter the third checkpoint in Tower of Fate: Ascent, there will be an auto-scrolling room. Keep ahead of it and look for the music sheet. It's not hard to spot, but you have to be fast to avoid instant death.
42The Forlorn SanctumThe last five music sheets can be found in the final level of Tower of Fate. After falling through multiple screens into a dark room, head to the left. Go over the tiles and past the lava into a room with the music sheets and some other goodies.
43The PossessorSee #42
44The BetrayerSee #42
45A Return to OrderSee #42
46RepriseSee #42