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Can your horse die in Ghost of Tsushima?

Arguably one of Jin Sakai’s best companions in Ghost of Tsushima is his noble steed. His horse is both his transport and his friend, helping the samurai look fearsome, yet elegant. It sure would be a shame if the horse could die. Happily for you, we’ve beaten the game and put our horse through the wringer while doing, so here’s the definitive answer to “Can your horse die in Ghost of Tsushima?”

Can my horse die in Ghost of Tsushima?

Can your horse die in Ghost of Tsushima

No, your horse cannot die in Ghost of Tsushima through normal gameplay. You can jump off as many high ledges as you like, and your horse will keep on getting back up.

During combat, your horse will tend to flee the scene, leaving you to deal with the bad guys. While this doesn’t help you win fights, it does keep your mount healthy and in top shape. Finish the fight and search for your horse to continue the ride (or call it with a whistle).

While it can be alarming to see your horse attempt to jump off a too-high cliff, causing its legs to buckle and Jin to be thrown off, the determined steed will quickly recover, allowing to ride again.

It’s also possible to hit your horse with an attack. After playing a different game, I revisited Ghost of Tsushima and pressed “Triangle” to get on the horse. That is in fact the button for a strong attack, which led to me hitting my poor Nobu. While the horse does panic and run away, it will let you climb back on after a little moment. Alternatively, you can just turn your back on the sulking beast and whistle to cause a new spawn.

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