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Ghost of Tsushima Hot Spring Locations | How to increase max health

Japan is known for its hot springs, and Ghost of Tsushima has plenty of them. Jin can rest his weary bones by finding a hot spring location and taking a dip. You’ll want to find each of these as they give you a handy permanent buff.

What do you get for finding all the Hot Spring locations in Ghost of Tsushima?

There are 18 hot springs you can find on Tsushima Island. Each of these allows Jin to reflect on events that have happened in the game and a small permanent max health increase. You’ll need to find all of them the earn the Body, Mind, and Spirit trophy, but that’s not all you get from visiting them.

When you’ve found all 18 hot springs in Ghost of Tsushima, you’ll get a very special outfit: the Fundoshi. This traditional Japanese undergarment puts Jin in the 13th century Japan equivalent of skivvies. It’s not just funny, though. This outfit usefully makes running and sprinting completely silent, making it very useful for stealth quests.

Ghost of Tsushima Hot Springs Locations – Izuhara

Ghost of Tsushima Hot Springs Locations Izuhara

  1. Hiyoshi Inn Hot Spring – Right by Hiyoshi Inn in Hiyoshi Springs. (Must talk to the woman near the inn to access it.)
  2. Carved Mountain Hot Spring – Shigenori’s Peak, north-northeast of Komatsu Forge
  3. Golden Leaf Hot Spring – Directly east of Golden Temple
  4. Castle Lookout Hot Spring – Directly north of Hiyoshi Springs
  5. Rising Trees Hot Spring – Northeast of Stone Arch Crossing
  6. Firefly Hill Hot Spring – Old Woodman’s Canopy, South-southwest of Castle Kaneda
  7. Quiet Basin Host Spring – South-southwest of Azure Pond
  8. Seaside Hot Spring – River Child’s Wetlands, north-northwest of Azamo Bay
  9. Mountain View Host Spring – South of Golden Temple

Ghost of Tsushima Hot Springs Locations – Toyotama

Ghost of Tsushima Hot Springs Locations Toyotama

  1. Maple Shade Hot Spring – North of Old Toyatama Hills
  2. Bamboo Forest Hot Spring – Southeast of Lord Shimura’s Camp
  3. Marsh Tide Hot Spring – East of Akashima Village
  4. Mossy Rest Hot Spring – Southeast of Umugi Cove
  5. Yoshinaka Hot Spring – Southwest of Okada Farmstread
  6. Morning Glory Hot Spring – Northeast of Yarikawa Stronghold

Ghost of Tsushima Hot Springs Locations – Kamiagata

Ghost of Tsushima Hot Springs Locations Kamiagata

  1. Jito’s Foothills Hot Spring – Northwest of Castle Shimura
  2. White Mist Host Spring – Northeast of Castle Shimura
  3. Morimae Hot Spring – Southeast of Izumi Village