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How do you pet the fox in Ghost of Tsushima?

As you’re making your way from Inari Shrine to Inari Shrine in Ghost of Tsushima, unlocking new Charm slots, you’ll no doubt come across a few foxes. These fox friends help show you the way to hidden Inari Shrines, and so it’s only fair that you give them a nice pet. Unfortunately, some players aren’t aware of how to pet foxes. Thankfully, we’re here to give you a helping hand with the definitive answer. Here’s how to pet the foxes in Ghost of Tsushima.

How to pet foxes in Ghost of Tsushima 

How do you pet the fox in Ghost of Tsushima

To pet foxes in Ghost of Tsushima, you simply have to tap “R2” when the prompt appears.

To get the “R2” prompt to appear, however, you will have to do a few things. Follow the instructions below to successfully stroke a fox.

  1. First, track down a fox by heading to a discovered Fox Den or by following the fox cries.
  2. Once you’ve found a fox, follow it to a hidden Inari Shrine.
  3. Interact with the Inari Shrine by pushing “R2.”
  4. After interacting with the shrine, turn around and look for the fox. It should be sitting just behind you.
  5. Walk towards the fox and press “R2” when the prompt appears to pet it.

If done successfully, Jin will bend down to pet the fox. In celebration, the fox will do a couple of cute hops, before bounding away.

You don’t actually get anything for petting a fox, but it’s obviously the right thing to do. If you feel like being a monster and saving time between shrines, however, you can just ignore the fox and carry on with your adventure.

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